Journalistisk identitet under forandring
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Changing journalistic identity

In recent years, journalism has been challenged from many sides. The field is changing, workplaces are changing, relations with sources are changing, and the perception of journalism is changing. The identity of journalism seems to be up for renegotiation. The death of daily papers, new web-based media, professionalised communication, and the academisation of education - what do these things mean for the development of new journalistic identities? Which identities are ascribed to journalists, and what happens to the self-perception of the journalist? These are some of the questions which are central in understanding modern communication and public dialogue. The purpose of this work group is to shed light on the identity of journalism in the context from Journalistics 2.0 to the crisis of journalism.

The panel looks forward to empirical as well as theoretical contributions.


Flemming Tait Svith, Assistant Professor, Danish School of Media and Journalism


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