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Sociology of the social sciences

Sociology of the social sciences

In recent years, studies within the STS tradition have taken the forms of practice of the social sciences as their object of research. In the anthology Social Knowledge in the Making (Camic, Gross, and Lamond eds. 2011), the authors thus present a number of empirical studies of the concrete practices through which knowledge of the social world is produced. These studies represent a "turn to practice" compared with earlier sociological studies of the social sciences, which have predominantly focused upon the relationship of the social sciences with the nation state, on what one might call "national" social sciences, and on the institutional or organisational conditions of research in the social sciences.

The work group does not limit itself to any of the above branches. It deals with the very broad range of forms of instituions and practices associated with the production of knowledge in the social sciences. Among other things, we will be looking at how tendencies in research politics in recent decades have influenced the social sciences, at how the space of viewpoints in the social sciences has changed over the past fifteen years, and at how one may study the production of European questionnaire surveys. The work group invites anyone with an interest in sociological studies of the social sciences to present their research, and we look forward to a constructive (and friendly) discussion.

It will be possible to participate in the work group with a work paper and an oral presentation ‒ or without a presentation. We have calculated 30 minutes for each presentation, including discussion, and as a general rule, presentations and papers both in Danish and in English are accepted. The working language of the group will be decided  upon once all abstracts have been received. Abstracts should follow the congress guidelines.


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